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Gen. Rath Soudina



Gen. Rath Soudina is the Director of  Vip Security Services (Cambodia) Limited. Gen. Rath Soudina started security force planning and location management in France as early as 1977 .He had his mission to make the respective industries being more recognized as within and outside Cambodia. Gen. Rath Soudina is responsible of setting the direction of the company and leading the workforce into meeting the company vision. He supervises every department in the company, especially the management and legal team to ensure that our policies and procedures are in-line with the law and regulations of the country.

V.I.P Security Services (Cambodia) Co., Ltd registered under Ministry of Interior, No. 487 and acknowledged the business register by the Ministry of Commerce, No. Co. 4633 / 99P on 21 July 1999

VIP Security Services started operations by training 220 trainees in 1999. Only 50 trainees passed the training and commissioned as security guards. Today, the company has more than 1500 security guards. This is a reflection of actual market demand as well as the high quality of VIP Security Services. Our 96 customers are good testimony to our services.In order to keep abreast of the latest development in this high-tech and fast-changing security services market environment, VIP Security Services have enrolled as members in the APSA-Asia Professional Security Association. Members from China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia hold annual general meeting. Among other matters, they share their experiences and the latest technology in security services management. VIP Security Services endeavor to provide the best security services to our customers through such international affiliation.

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